Latest Facebook Marketing - Training Guide


Latest Facebook Marketing - Training Guide

Chapter 1: What is Latest Facebook Marketing all about?

Hey there everyone! Welcome to “Latest Facebook Marketing”, this year’s ultimate Facebook Marketing training program. We are more than glad to have you on board and congratulate you on your decision to learn from the best!

Facebook is the top social platform for brands and businesses, and Facebook marketing is vital for your growth strategy, yet, it can be difficult to keep up with the competition and the changes that the platform constantly goes through.  So, if you want to learn an optimized, streamlined, fool-proof method to outdo whatever your competition is doing, then Latest Facebook Marketing is the training for you. If you’re new to Facebook Marketing, you’ll be glad to know that we’re starting from the basics, and if you’re not, then this is a great opportunity to get a fresh take. Let’s get started!


What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing is the use of Facebook as digital marketing channel. More specifically, it is the use of the Facebook platforms and its features to promote your brand, your business, and your products, to engage your audience, to collect leads, to communicate with potential customers, to build awareness, to generate traffic, and to drive sales. Facebook is a marketing-friendly platform with a business-oriented environment, where you can build a presence for your business by providing value through content, conversations, and entertainment. You can use Facebook for marketing at no cost, and your success comes down to the strategies that you apply and the time you put into it.


How does it work?

Facebook Marketing works primarily by building a social presence for your brand that users can interact with. This means you are going to create a profile for your business the same you would create a profile for yourself. In fact, the Facebook Marketing mindset is similar to the personal brand mindset: you create a page for your business that people can Like or Follow, where you are going to publish posts that sound casual and engaging to make it easier for people to interact with your brand. Once you establish a presence and build a following, you are going to raise awareness about your products, services, and offers by curating branded content from your website or other content channel. Right after you can start promoting your stuff a little more aggressively through contests and by sharing promotions such as discounts to get your audience interested in your stuff. Then you can start using Facebook features for businesses, such as Facebook ads and Facebook remarketing.


Why should you consider Facebook for Marketing?

Facebook should no doubt be a part of your digital marketing arsenal. The most obvious reason why you should consider it is exposure. Facebook is still the most visited, most active social media site that exists, with over a billion active users a month. This means that finding the perfect audience for your business is easier on Facebook.


Facebook provides you with plenty of tools to engage your audience, including business pages, groups, chat, live video, and multimedia posts.

Facebook also gives you all the flexibility you need to promote your brand and to send traffic from your pages and groups to your website. Facebook also lets you cross-promote content to Instagram, and it lets you integrate lead capturing functions such as lead capture shortcuts on your pages. Plus, Facebook has what is perhaps the second largest and most cost-effective advertising platform on the With latest Facebook Marketing you will learn all the steps involved in building a presence for your business on Facebook the right way.


Here you’ll also learn the latest marketing tactics that work on Facebook, and proven strategies with an amazing track record of generating results and profits for businesses in any niche. Latest Facebook Marketing also shows you the correct way of setting up paid campaigns on Facebook for maximum results and maximum return on investment, so every dollar your business puts into paid ads goes back to your balance. Furthermore, with Latest Facebook Marketing you’ll learn how to create long- term brand loyalty and repeating customers at a fraction of the cost you’ll pay if you hired an agency, all by learning how to do it yourself!


What’s the future for Facebook Marketing?

 The future of Facebook marketing is more automated and enhanced by novel  technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360 videos. Facebook’s idea is to make it easier for customers in the platform to experience the products and services that are promoted by businesses there. You can also have a taste of the future of Facebook marketing today by trying out stories and chatbots, yet these features are in their very infancy, but they’re worth keeping an eye on. So, are you ready to start your Latest Facebook Marketing journey? Then allow us to grab you by the hand so we can teach you all that’ll lead you to your Facebook Marketing success!


 Chapter 2: Creating A Facebook Page To Promote Your Business

Hey there everyone! Let’s start at the very beginning of your Latest Facebook Marketing journey: creating a Facebook page to promote your business. This is a very important step that you can’t afford to half bake, because a Facebook page for your business is the channel that you are going to use to build your presence and grow your audience. Having a Facebook page also makes it easier for you to set up advertising campaigns and capturing email leads on the platform!

 Getting Started


Creating a Facebook page for your business is free, and all you need is a Facebook account and your business info at hand. To get started, simply log in to your Facebook account, click on the “create” tab in the top bar menu, and then click on the “page” option. Next, click on the “get started” button in the “business or brand” section.

Customizing And Creating Your Page


 Now you are going to enter the name of your brand or business into the “page name” field. Now type the keyword that best describes your niche into the “category” field. Select a category from the results, and then click on “continue”. Awesome job! Now it is time to start customizing the page. First, click on “upload a profile picture” to add a profile photo to your Facebook page. Next, click on the “upload a cover photo” button to upload a cover photo to make your Facebook page much more attractive. A great job so far! Now it is time to add a contact CTA button and your business information to your Facebook page. To add the CTA button, click on “add a button”, and then click on the “contact you” drop-down icon. Now you are going to select the contact method you want to integrate with your page. The options include “contact us”, “send message”, “call now”, “sign up”, and “send email”. Your choice will depend on how you want to be contacted, and each option allows you to integrate a different method. For this example, we are going to select “send message”. This method allows users to send a message directly from their Facebook accounts using Messenger. So, select your contact method, and click on “next”. In the following window, you’ll simply have to select the service users will use to contact you, and then to click on “finish”. You can start building your page’s audience by sending invites to your Faceboo. friends in the “invite your friends to like your page” section. Alright, now it is time to add your page info. To do this, click on the “edit page info” tab on top. Start by adding your “about” info into the “description” field and click on “save changes”. Ok, now you are going to move to the “contact” section to add your contact information. First, add your “phone number”. Then add your “website”. And then add your “email address”. Remember to click on “save changes” to save your contact info. Now move to the “location” section and enter your address. In case your business doesn’t have a physical address, simply uncheck the “has a street address” option. Or, in case that you enter your business registration address but don’t take store visits, uncheck the “customers visit my business at my street address”. This is the setting you’ll choose if your business is online only. Ok, so click on “save changes” and move to the “hours” section. Here you are going to select the open hours that you’ll show on your page. If you have a physical store or business that customers can visit, select “open on selected hours”, then select your open days and times below.

If your business is 24 hours or always online, you can select “always open”. Now, if you’re online only and don’t take live orders or consultations, select “no available hours”. You can click on “save changes” after selecting your hours. You can enter additional information in the “more” section. Let’s start with the “impressum” field, where you have to add a declaration of business ownership if you reside in a country where it is required by law. In the “products” field you can add the names of products and services that you sell. Lastly, in the “privacy policy” field you can add your privacy policy and terms of service. This is especially useful when you take customer information on your page, or when you contact your page followers. And this is it fellas! You just created your Facebook channel, and you are ready to get your Latest Facebook Marketing going, so don’t miss the following lesson!


Chapter 3: Creating Optimized Facebook Marketing Posts

Hey there everybody! Facebook pages are much more than virtual billboards, they’re basically social profiles for brands, companies, and businesses, and they give you all the tools you need to interact with your audience. The primary and most basic tool for interaction is Facebook posting. With Facebook posts you can establish thought leadership by engaging with users through comments, images, videos, and curated content. But Facebook posting can be ineffective if not done right, and in this lesson, we are going to teach you how to compose optimized Facebook posts that reach more people and generate more engagement.

Creating And Composing A Facebook Marketing Post

To create a post on Facebook, you have to start by going to your page and clicking on the “write a post” field on top of the page timeline. Here is where you are going to compose your marketing posts. Now, the secret to creating an effective marketing post is to compose the right structure.

Start with a headline. The post headline is a one-line description of the content in your post. Think of it as a blog post title. You have to include an actionable phrase or word, such as “read”, or “watch”, or “you won’t believe”, or information that makes the user stop to read the headline.

Now you are going to compose the post copy below. This is going to depend on the content that you are going to share. In general, your post copy is going to be a brief summary of the content that you are going to share.

Now, a little-known secret to increase your reach is to use keywords in your post as hashtags. Simply identify the keywords in your post text and type a hashtag symbol right before them. This will transform them into hashtags that make your post discoverable in Facebook searches.


Adding Media And Content

 Now you are going to insert the media or content that you are going to share, into your post. If you are going to share an image or video, you will simply have to click on the “photo/video” button to upload your media.


This is crucial, because text-only posts don’t generate as much engagement as image or video posts. The type of media that generates the most engagement on Facebook are infographics, short videos, and images, so make sure to always include them in your posts.

For this example, we are going to share a blog post from our website. When you insert a link into a Facebook post, Facebook will fetch a preview that includes the feature image from the URL into your post.

A word of warning: if you are going to post a video, make sure to upload it directly to the post using the “photo/video” button, instead of sharing it from an outside link. If you share a video from an outside source, the Facebook algorithm basically ignores it, and won’t push it to the timeline of other users. It will only be visible to users that visit your timeline! Ok, so let’s proceed with the example. To insert a link, simply paste the URL below your post text. Once it fetches the preview and inserts the clickable link, you simply have to delete the text URL you pasted.


Publishing A Post

 You can see how your post is going to look in the timeline by clicking on the “preview” button. In the preview window you can see a desktop preview and a mobile preview. Once you are ready to publish your post, click on the “share now” button  And that’s it! This is how you are going to compose your Facebook post from now on to get the most engagement and the best results possible. Next up we are going to show you how to easily boost the reach of your newly published post, so stay tuned!

Chapter 4: Promoting A Facebook Marketing Post

Hey there fellas! A well-composed, well-optimized marketing post on Facebook can generate a ton of engagement quickly, at no cost.

Yet, the number of people using the platform that you won’t reach organically is still astronomical when you think of it. And let us tell you, you don’t want to miss them! But to able to reach those extra eyeballs, you will need to boost your post, with a paid promotion. The good news is that you can easily do it with just a few clicks, and in this lesson, we are going to show you the right way to do it.

Getting Started

 You can promote a page post directly from your Facebook page, hassle free. And all you have to do to get started is to go to your page, to locate the post that you are going to promote, and to click on the “boost post” button. A “boost post” window will appear on screen, and you can start setting it all up.

This is easier than it looks, you’ll see!


Setting Up The Promotion

 Start by selecting your “objective”, which is the result you want to get from promoting your post. Because the objective of your post is to generate reactions from users to build your presence on Facebook, let’s select “get more people to react, comment, and share” as the objective. You can add a “post button”, which is a call-to-action button for your post, but this is optional. In this case, a CTA button can divert attention from the post directly to the link, so let’s click on the post button menu and select “no button”. This will encourage users to scan all content in the post before clicking on the link. This also leaves more post real estate to the link preview, which looks way better on the timeline! Let’s now move to the “audience” section. Here you are going to select “people you choose through targeting”, and to click on the “edit” button. Next, you are going to select the “gender”, the minimum and top “age” of your audience, and your “locations”. Next, enter a keyword that best describes your potential audience into the “detailed targeting” field, and select a “detailed targeting” criteria from the menu. This will help you to reach people more easily according to interests and behaviors. You can click on “save” to save this configuration and continue.


Now you are going to scroll down and make sure that “automatic placements” is activated. When this option is active, promoted posts will show on Facebook and many other placements in the Facebook network, automatically.

Now move to the “budget and duration” section. Here you are going to select a duration first, using the “days” menu. Next, you are going to enter the amount of money you want to spend to promote your post into the “total budget” field. Here we recommend that you enter a total of $5 to $10 to test your promotion first. You can then increse this amount.

You can see the “estimated reach” below. This is the number of people that will potentially see and interact with your post according to your total budget and duration.

Launching The Promotion

 Lastly, you are going to select the currency that you are going to use to pay for your ads in the “payment” section. You can preview your ad in the preview

window to the right before you launch your ad. And, once you are ready to launch your ad, you will simply have to click on the “boost” button. Your post will start showing between 5 to 15 minutes after launch. And that’s it! An easy, affordable way to reach more people with your Facebook marketing posts!


Chapter 5: Creating A Targeted Facebook Group

Hey there fellas! One thing you’ll notice this far into the training is that our main objective has been to increase engagement and to create more and more ways to drive interactions and conversations with Facebook users.

The reason for this is that the objective at this point in your Latest Facebook Marketing journey is to find as many users whom to build a relationship with so you can qualify them as customers later on.

One of the best ways to find leads in your niche and spark meaningful conversations with them is by creating a group that is targeted at their interests and behaviors, and in this lesson we are going to show you how to create one of your own, the easy way.

Getting Started

 Ok, so what you’ll do first is to sign into your Facebook account. Next, you are going to click on the create” tab in the top bar menu, and then you are going to click on the “group” option. 


Creating A Group

 Now you are going to add the info to personalize your group. Start by entering the name of your group into the “name your group” field. Now, the name of your group doesn’t need to be the name of your brand or business, because you already have a page for that. Instead, the best strategy is to use a name that targets the interest, needs, or behaviors of your potential customers. You can for example use the keywords or search terms that describe the problem that your products solve, or the category of your products or services. In this example, we are going to create a group for people looking for cheap products in our niche, so we’ll start the name with the word “cheap”, followed by the category name of the product. This way, we are going to use a high-traffic search name as the name of our group.

Next, you are going to add the email addresses or Facebook usernames of people that you’d like to invite to join the group. This is step is optional, but you can use it in case that you are creating a private group, or when you are given permission by your followers to send them invites and notifications. Now you are going to select the group “privacy”. Here we recommend you set it as “private”. While this can lower the number of people that join the group initially, you’ll be avoiding spammers and bots lowering the quality of your group.

By creating a private group, you are going to be able to approve who joins the group, and what type of content goes there. By demanding that users ask for approval, you will be able to qualify who is really interested in the content because approval request works as double opt-in. Now select “visible” in the menu below to make your group visible to everybody in the results page and click on the “create” button.

Customizing A Group

 Awesome job! Now it is time to customize the group. Start by clicking on the “upload photo” to add a cover image to the group. Now you are going to click on “create topic” to add your topic keyword. Now you are going to click on “add a description” to add a description for your group. This is the description that users will see in the results page. And now that you have created your group, you are going to be able to create posts, to publish images, videos, and to share curated content. Remember that the content and media that you share on this group has to be targeted content, not branded content. Share content that encourages members to discuss and share their own experiences, to give recommendations, and so on.

The more you engage with group members, the more you’ll grow your authority. This is because, instead of promoting your own stuff like you would do in your page, you are going to share content to show your expertise, regardless of source. Let’s show you a quick example. We are going to post a video about a topic that matters to our audience. So, we will start by composing the post into the text box. Because this isn’t a marketing post, we are going to use a more conversational tone, and we are going to compose a larger message. Next, we are going to click on “photo/video”, and then on “upload photos/video” to upload the video directly to the post. Then we are going to click on “post”. And this it! You just created an awesome group for your would- be customers, and all you have to do is to publish engaging posts every day to keep your group alive!


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